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When Do You Need to Get Your Gutters Replaced by Roofing Contractors?

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s roofing and they are continually in use to prevent water from accumulating on your roof. Most homeowners don’t think about gutters much because they are meant to last a long time. However, just like your roofing material, gutters can also get damaged and wear out over time. When this happens, you will need to Google “gutter installation near me and hire roofing contractors such as Red Oak Exteriors to either repair or replace the gutters for you. If you would like to know when you need to replace your roof gutters, keep reading as we will tell you about the signs you need to look out for. 

Things That Should Prompt You to Call Roofing Contractors in Colorado For Gutter Replacement

As a Colorado resident, you should regularly get your gutters inspected from roofing contractors in Colorado. However, apart from regular inspections, you should keep an eye out for certain things, such as signs of damage or improper drainage. There are plenty of signs that will tell you whether it is time to get your gutters replaced or repaired. Some key signs you should never ignore:

Gaps and cracks: Gutters are meant to carry water to be drained in a controlled way. However, if you start noticing gaps or cracks in your gutters and see water coming out of these cracks, this should be a clear sign that your gutters need repairs or replacement. A great way to inspect your gutters for cracking or gaps is during rainfall. If you notice water leaking from any place, it shouldn’t be coming out from then it is time to Google “best roofing contractors near me” because leaking gutters can damage your home if left unrepaired. 

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Rusting and holes: This sign is visible in gutters made out of steel and it happens when the outer layer of the steel gutters gets removed. Once the rust starts to spread, it can quickly expand to surrounding areas and create holes. So if you notice orange rust stains on your gutters, it is a sign you might need a gutter replacement.

Algae growth beneath and around the gutters: Gutters keep the moisture away from the walls and other surfaces of your home, thus keeping algae growth in check. In case you have started noticing algae growth below the gutters, it means that water is finding its way out of the gutters and onto your home exteriors such as walls and other structures.  

Soil erosion around your home’s foundation: Gutters have downspouts that are meant to pour rainwater at least 6 feet away from your home. The reason for downspouts being so long is to keep the water from falling directly around the foundation of your house. However, if your gutters are not working correctly, you might notice signs of soil erosion near your home’s foundation. The soil might seem thinner or muddy, which can cause your home’s foundation to become less durable. So if you have been noticing pools of water and signs of soil erosion near your home, then you should call a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Improperly installed gutters: Sometimes, the gutters are not correctly installed, or they are too narrow for your home; this can cause overflowing in gutters and they can get clogged easily. Not to mention, improperly installed gutters won’t eliminate water as efficiently, causing damage to your roof in the process. So, if you want to avoid the additional cost of total home roofing because of roof damage caused by improperly installed gutters, you should pay close attention to how well the gutters are performing. If you notice that your gutters are not clogged and they are still overflowing from water, then chances are they are too narrow for your roof and you should search for professional gutter installation Colorado Springs.   

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