Dubai is an amazing place and a typical city with a tourist attraction. People from all over the world, far and near, want to experience the goodness of the city at least once in their lives. Some even move and live there! People wonder what’s so special about the place.

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re about to find out.

Visit the car museum

You probably saw this coming as we love cars in Dubai. There are several museums dedicated to cars only in the city. One of the best is the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. This museum was built especially for lovers of classic and vintage vehicles.

Established in 2008, the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum displays cars from the 20th century and you can see vehicles dating back to 1917. They feature over 100 classic cars of various builds and models. This museum is definitely a great place if you want to catch up on the history of classic cars.

You can also find vintage bicycles and bicycles in the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. You will find the building divided into five segments, which especially emphasize the important automotive history. They also allow you to learn about the engines, detailed car make-ups and major innovators of these masterpieces.

Another notable car museum to visit is the Emirates National Auto Museum. It has a wider collection with over 200 cars. If you have ever heard of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, this museum showcases all of his private collections. It also showcases tough off-road and military vehicles; definitely a nice place to visit.

The Emirates National Auto Museum also houses some historic masterpieces, such as the largest truck in the world. It also gives a decent dose of vintage cars from the 1920s.

Tour the whole city

Dubai is a big city, the largest in the UAE, who wouldn’t want a tour? Although there are many tour services, you can do it yourself. It would be a fun experience nonetheless. You could hop in your vehicle and take a tour of the city on your own; it could take all day.

There are several notable landmarks and locations in the city that are sure to grab your attention. Dedicate a whole day to the movement and you won’t regret it. Some notable places that would catch your eye while driving are Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Frame, La Perle by Dragone and many more!

Rent a luxury car

If you live in Europe or the US, you should know the cost of renting a normal car. People spend half their lives paying installments. Now imagine how expensive it would be to rent a luxury car in those countries. It makes people hate the idea of ​​renting a vehicle in other places. Well, things are a little different in Dubai.

Renting a luxury car in Dubai is less expensive and easy to handle. With less stress, you’d get one for yourself. If you are afraid of road conditions, you need not worry in Dubai. The roads are smooth, well coordinated and safe to drive. Whether you drive fast or slow, you will fit the roads of Dubai.

This is the reason why you see a fairly unusual number of people owning a luxury car in Dubai. You could also rent one when you visit. Besides, personally driving around the city would give you a better tour experience as you can stop at will.

Visit Yas Marina Circuit

You heard right! In Dubai, you can get behind the wheel and compete on a real race track. It’s possible on the Yas Marina Circuit. Have you ever dreamed of what it feels like to drive a real F1 car? This track will make your dreams come to life if you get the chance to drive an F! Car.

If you are lucky during your visit, you can witness a professional race. They host major events on the Yas Marina Circuit every year. You could even witness the Grand Prix! From time to time, some cups and challenges take place on the track. There is the Super Street Challenge, Yas Racing Series and many more.

One thing is certain when you visit the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi; you will have a great time!

View Ferrari World

We all know that Ferraris are one of the fastest cars in existence. What if we tell you that in the UAE there is a park dedicated to this brand? There is so much you can do in the Ferrari world, but they have one thing in common: speed! If you are a fan of fast fun then you must visit this park.

It houses the fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa. In just 4.9 seconds, the Formula Rossa was able to peak at 240 km/h. Also keep in mind that this park has an indoor theme so you can feel comfortable.

The park was built to please car enthusiasts. If you have never driven a Ferrari, then you have the chance to experience what it feels like at Ferrari World. You may be afraid to get behind the wheel on the real Yas Marina Circuit, Ferrari World is here with an alternative. There is a virtual Yas Marina Circuit in the park and you can drive a simulated Ferrari car as many times as you like!

You will also have the chance to learn about Ferraris in the amazing gallery. You will find displays of various models of Ferrari cars with detailed information about their build and design.


There are plenty of other things to do in Dubai, so it’s left up to you to maximize your stay in the city. In addition, the city is technologically advanced, not as expensive as people think and very fun and lively. You also get a great welcome from the citizens. Make your stay count!