Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing

One of the main wonders that the world of digital marketing offers us is the use of reliable methods and tools at a very low cost; video is one of them. Every day more and more people are inclined towards audiovisual resources through the web; For this reason, Video Content Marketing has been gaining a lot of ground and we must begin to implement it as a higher profit strategy for your business.

Either through platforms such as YouTube,Vimeo , Tik Tok  or even through Facebook  and Instagram stories ; The truth is that we can take great advantage of the resources, that this format offers us to position our product or service.

The main reason is due to the increase in the speed of Internet connections, which allows us to generate videos at low cost. and that are seen in a matter of minutes by millions of people around the world.

Recent studies have shown that approximately 46% of people who search for video through these platforms consider that the mention of a product or service in a video leads them to search for information about that article. For this reason, in this publication. We will discuss in depth the most important actions on this marketing strategy and its advantages and functionality when implemented in the correct way.

Objectives of this Marketing strategy

Like any strategy, the implementation of Video Content Marketing has as its main objectives to sell, educate and entertain a greater number of people. This is because more and more people surf the internet every day.

Bearing this in mind and with an eye on the sales of our products and services, we must first of all promote the articles of our brand; sharing tips, ideas, and comments through fun content on one of the aforementioned platforms.

However, the key to having a good strategy is to address all channels of access to potential customers; because in this digital age, videos are fundamental.

Advantages of video in Digital Marketing

The inclusion of videos in our marketing strategies gives us excellent benefits with very little investment, this if we have well-proposed objectives. The benefits of betting on this Video Content Marketing format are:

  • It is an easier and faster way to reach potential customers, in a pleasant way and focused on their needs.
  • Because it is a format suitable for wide and easy dissemination, we can improve our reach.
  • Provides a more real and tangible contact with the product.
  • Through video we can create a message that connects with our niche; so, we have the opportunity to build trust and loyalty.
  • If the audiovisual material is on our website, we increase the duration of the audience’s permanence on the website.
  • It also implies better SEO, in addition to knowing what our audience is really looking for.


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Video Content Marketing Success Story

The South Korean electronics company Samsung, when launching its Samsung 6 phone model, opted for a forceful Video Content Marketing strategy; where the company managed to merge creativity, originality and entertainment. The best? who did it by going straight to the point, without hesitation, look at it:

As can be seen through the audiovisual, Samsung used two fundamental resources: proposing solutions and making fun of the competition; both founded on the feeling of emotion.

First, they made a particular description of the product, where they showed the solutions they provide and the everyday problems that people experience because they don’t have it; such is the case of the suffering of many by tangles or extension problems with charger cables.

The second element that the electronics company resorted to is the comparison with the competition, coupled with a subtle attack. How they did it? They only focused on showing how the iPhone 6, the competition team, does not solve this problem, as it does not have wireless charging capacity. By treating him with a lot of humor and intelligence, they made him a very efficient resource.

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