As a basic rule to follow, men should take care of their underwear and have them changed from time to time. Men should store their underwear properly to avoid coming into contact with a rash or itching. It is therefore of the utmost importance to take good care of undergarments, especially underwear.

Whenever we as customers visit a nearby store that deals in undergarments, we often get confused about the brand of underwear that we should ultimately choose for us. Since there are many brands available, we often get confused and selecting the best one becomes a challenge at this point.

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In addition, we have listed some simple tips for you below to take good care of your underwear. Have a look:-

1. Wash with proper care.

Washing your underwear with proper care is one of the best tips for taking care of your underwear. It is always recommended to wash them in cold water no matter what the instructions say. For maximum care of your undergarments it is also recommended that you use color safe bleach to remove bacteria and a stain remover to remove stains, etc. A good quality stain remover will also ensure that you get properly cleaned undergarments without stains.

2. Always air dry your underwear.

Let the air in and dry your underwear. It helps extend the life of your underwear. This way, your underwear stays in good shape and you save a lot of energy. Sometimes you can also experience an unwanted odor that is released after washing the undergarments; but air drying your underwear solves this problem very easily.

3. Wash your underwear according to the color.

This is another tip that can help you keep your underwear for a considerably longer period of time. While washing your underwear, you can separate them according to their colors. You can separate all similarly colored undergarments and wash them together. While dark colored undergarments should be separated and cleaned completely. Now it’s up to you how to handle and wash your undergarments by completely separating the colored garments.

4.Use of detergent.

It’s yet another factor to take care of when it comes to your underwear. Usually people do not pay attention to this, but this is extremely important. Using regular detergents can damage your undergarments as they are rough to use. They can break fibers easily and also very quickly.

So it is always advisable to use mild detergents, because these detergents help to keep your undergarments in top condition and make them smell great. So the use of mild detergents is highly recommended to take good care of it.

5. Prefer a gentle hand wash of your underwear.

Last but not least, you should prefer a gentle hand wash of your underwear. Although it can be quite difficult for you to wash them by hand, you can only put your items in a laundry bag and use the gentle cycle of the machine. This also ensures that there is a low pressure on the fabric and will also keep your undergarments in good condition. Gently hand washing your underwear also ensures that no unwanted stains are left on them.

To conclude

So these are some of the best tips that can help you take good care of your underwear. You are advised to hand wash your underwear only, use mild detergents instead of the usual ones, take care of colored clothes, let them air dry and most importantly wash them with proper care. By following all of these tips, you can expect your undergarments to last longer and stay in shape. So it is also essential to choose your garments wisely and take care of them when it comes to washing.