The most beautiful waterfalls

The most beautiful waterfalls

Thousands of natural and artificial waterfalls around the world receive both natural and aesthetic benefits. Hydropower plants that feed on waterfalls, the most important tourist attractions that waterfall sites turn into, and the health benefits that you can gain as a result of being close to a waterfall.

It has been proven that the roar of waterfalls calms the nerves of the listeners. And the fact that it is close to the waterfall, in general, gives a lot of health benefits. And everything is not just about aesthetic benefits, but also about eyesight, pressure, cardiovascular work, nervous system.

The roar of waterfalls, as scientifically proven, calms a person’s eyesight, relieves tension in the nervous system. By the way, for visual-nervous relaxation you need to look at the waterfalls from a greater distance.

But one of the most important benefits is the respiratory benefit. We managed to make sure of that.

And besides, of course, the environmental benefits of waterfalls are great.

The most beautiful waterfalls

Iguazu Falls
One of the most impressive and beautiful waterfalls is definitely Iguazu Falls. The network of Iguazu Falls, consisting of 275 waterfalls on the border between Brazil and Argentina, is indescribably beautiful. One of the Seven New Wonders of the World is Brazil’s main tourist attraction, the inspiration for many great writers, artists and artists, and an amazing attraction. The most famous ? largest part of the waterfall, the “D’s throat”, borders the border between Brazil and Argentina.
1.7-2 million tourists visit Iguazu Falls annually.

Victoria Falls

The African Zimbabwe  Giant on the border of Zambia is one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. The waterfall named after Queen Victoria of Britain is called “Screaming Smoke” by the locals. Victoria Falls makes an incredibly loud noise compared to other waterfalls, and the vapor from the water stream covers almost the entire area with fog. The width of the waterfall is almost 2 km, and the height is 108 m. Many tourists prefer to admire the beauty of the waterfall from the height of the helicopter when arriving at the waterfall. The best time to visit Victoria Falls is from February to May, when seasonal rains stop in the area.

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Gullfoss Falls in distant Iceland

Gullfoss Falls, Detifoss Falls are located in remote Iceland. This noisy and powerful waterfall is one of the most unique, roaring and powerful waterfalls if not all. Being close to this waterfall, which consists of several cascades of watercourses, is not very encouraging. As a tourist, it is preferable to visit the waterfall during the summer months. It has an incredible beauty in winter.

The Niagara beauty

Surveys show that Niagara Falls ranks first among the most famous waterfalls. This waterfall on the border of the United States and Canada is not the highest, but one of the noisiest and most beautiful. The most convenient city to reach the waterfall divided by three cascades is the American Buffalo. By the way, from the point of view of tourism, Niagara Falls is the waterfall with the best infrastructure. Many water tours are organized here. The occasional light effects of Niagara Falls during the summer months are impressive.


Detyan Waterfall in China

Detyan Waterfall is located on the border between China and Vietnam. This waterfall can not compete with the above-mentioned waterfalls in terms of height, width or intensity of water flow, but it is truly one of the most beautiful in the world. A unique part of the beauty of the waterfall is the nature surrounding the waterfall, rice fields and dense forests.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes waterfalls are among the most beautiful in the world due to the pure turquoise color of the water. The reason for the color of water is the unique minerals. To reach the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes you need to arrive in Zagreb, choose a two-hour tour to this natural wonder. The best time of the year to visit here is from May to September.

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Jagala waterfall in Estonia

Jagala Waterfall, not far from the capital of Estonia, is considered to be Niagara in the Baltic States. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world due to its icy appearance. Yes, the waterfall is especially beautiful during the winter months, when it freezes halfway.

Angel Falls in Venezuela

The highest waterfall in the world, Angel, is located in the Cainama National Park in Venezuela. The waterfall is so high that in the dry season the water does not reach the bottom until it evaporates. Getting to the waterfall is not so easy, it is located in a very impassable place. Do major tours include river? helicopter tours.

Kayetur Falls in Guyana

Kayetur Falls in Guyana is twice as tall as Victoria Falls. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world due to the nature surrounding the waterfall. If you reach the waterfall of Kayetur in the opaque tropical forests, you will see the rarest species of butterflies and birds in the forest. The waterfall is located in the jungles of Kayana National Park in Guyana.

Yellowstone Falls in Wyoming, USA

The Yellowstone River is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Kawasan Waterfall in the Philippines

Located on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, Kawasan Falls is considered to be not only one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world but also the most mysterious.

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