It’s that time of year when it’s unavoidable to overindulge in seasonal treats and sweets. That’s why Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s “warrior” yoga routine is the perfect fitness inspiration for the holidays. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s personal trainer recently shared a video of the diva nailed Virabhadrasana or Warrior 1, 2, 3 and Reverse Warrior poses of yoga to gain strength, focus, flexibility and resilience, and that’s all the motivation we need to lose it. gained extra pounds during the holidays.

Anshuka Parwani, a famous yoga instructor and CEO of Anshuka Yoga, took to social media to publish a video that gave followers a taste of Bebo’s intense training session. The star was seen in the video wearing a white Puma sports bra with navy blue tights and sweating on a green yoga mat with her hair tied up in a high bun to complete the steamy athleisure outfit.

“Did you know that the warrior poses, also known as Virabhadrasana, are named after Virabhadra – a mythical warrior with a thousand arms and hair and eyes made of fire, who was brought forth by Lord Shiva to destroy an enemy (sic),” wrote Anshuka in the video’s comments, referring to Kareena as a “warrior”.

Each of the four main poses represents the order of his fight against his opponent, including his creation, battle, victory and then peace – the Warrior 1, 2, 3 & Reverse Warrior. Practicing these poses proves strength, focus, flexibility and resilience (sic),” she continued. Strength, attention, flexibility, and resilience (sic) are all demonstrated through the practice of these poses.


Stand up and spread your legs 4 to 5 feet apart. Your right foot should be at a 90-degree angle with toes pointing out, while your left foot should be at a 45-degree angle. Keep your hands parallel to the floor and at shoulder height.

Look at your right hand as you bend your right knee. Maintain a square hip position with your right thigh parallel to the floor. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds before releasing.


In addition to stretching your hips, groin and shoulders and increasing stability and balance, Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose 2 energizes tired limbs and opens up your chest and lungs. It also activates the organs in your abdomen.