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How windows screen recording app is best for business?

The workplace vulnerabilities are on the rise, and employers these days are worried about the safety of their business. Employers that used to invest millions in the business are scared enough to trust their employees to the fullest. The reason behind their insecurities contains several factors like the goldbricking activities of the employees, data breaching, and data-stealing and inappropriate stuff against the company’s policy.

The business owned devices like laptop and desktop devices should be under surveillance by using windows screen recording app to keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours on business devices.

What is screen recording software?

It is one of the best products that I have ever tested OgyMogy computer monitoring software. You can install it on your employees business owned devices and use the online dashboard to activate the live screen recording. It functions in a way that it can record back-to-back short videos of the windows PC screen and send to the dashboard. You can use its other features to know about the employee’s activities to the fullest on business devices.

You can do surveillance on employees’ activities by using live screen recording, view installed applications, keystrokes, screenshots, block websites, and internet history. In addition to that, users can use website blocking, windows GPS location, time spend on apps, email monitoring, surround recorder, activity logs, and windows logging dashboard to upload the data.

Every feature is a result-oriented and works accurately and with a great piece of efficiency. Users have to have possession of the target device to get started with the process of installation. Because you cannot install a windows screen recorder without having physical access on the laptop and desktop device. For more details, you can do a live chat with the customer support representatives.

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Windows screen recording software is compatible with laptop and desktop PCs running with all the OS versions of the devices. It secretly works on the target device and you can record the activities of employees without the employers knowing.

How to get & install the windows screen recording app?

Do you want to know what employees are up to on the target device in working hours? Do you want to know about every activity of your workforce then you need to subscribe to OgyMogy. In response, you will receive an email instantly that provides you the password and ID. It is the right time for you to get physical access to the target device. And get started with the process of installation. Now complete the installation process successfully and then activate it on the target device.

Recall the credentials that you have to receive at the time of subscription and use them to get access to the online web control panel. Further, get access to the features that you can use to get to know about the activities of your employees on business owned windows device screen to the fullest. Take a look at the following mentioned features that are best for business surveillance.

Use windows monitoring software Features for business

Windows screen recorder

You can use the windows spy app online dashboard and get access to the windows screen recording and activate it. It will record videos of the screen in a series back to back. And send the recorded videos to the online web control panel. You can get access to the control panel and watch all the recorded videos. And get to know what sort of activities employees have performed on the target device. Users can perform chrome screen recording, email screen recording, messages, passwords, and social media apps screen recording. All these features are the sub-features of windows screen recorder that is best for business monitoring and safety.

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You can track and capture all the keystrokes used on the business owned PC likewise password, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.

View installed applications

You can remotely get access to the target windows desktop laptop device. And you can get a complete list of the installed applications on the target PC alongside the name of the apps.

Windows GPS location

Users can track the live GPS location of lost/theft windows laptop virtually on the MAP and you can get to know about the location with pinpoint accuracy.

View installed applications

You can remotely get access to the target windows device. And view installed applications in a list form alongside the names of the applications. It will let you know what sorts of applications target devices users have installed on their laptops and desktop device.

Windows GPS location

Users can track the real-time GPS location of the target lost/theft laptop and desktop device by using a GPS location tracking app.


Windows screen recording is one of the best features of OgyMogy computer monitoring software that is best for business safety.

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