How to put on a duvet cover by yourself

How to put on a duvet cover by yourself

What if everything stayed put in the duvet cover, including the blanket? The thing must have taken you a long time to get the way it looked previously. Here are a few tips that’ll make the process faster and more efficient.

How to put on a duvet cover by yourself Step By Step

The Traditional Method

  • Lay your doona covers flat on the ground with the inside facing out.
  • Duvet covers need to be covered with your comforter.
  • You need to begin rolling the duvet cover and comforter starting at the inside edge.
  • Push the entire roll through the duvet cover from end to end by going between the corners.
  • Duvet covers should be unrolled.
  • Get the comforter and duvet cover to dry thoroughly.
  • Be sure that the corners of the blanket and the duvet cover match.
  • Have fun with your fresh duvet!

The California Roll Method

  • Begins with turning the duvet cover around. It should cover your entire bed when it’s laid down. If you are standing behind the duvet cover, the opening will be to your left.
  • Duvets should be spread inside out over duvet covers. Be sure to line up all of the borders and corners. The duvet cover should come with corners tied. All ties of the corner sections of the duvet cover should be tied around the loops of the comforter.
  • Now that we’re rolling, we’ll get it done! Starting from the opposite side of the closure, begin rolling up the comforter and duvet cover. If necessary, use a straight edge while rolling to ensure everything is aligned properly.
  • Roll up the entire comforter, tuck the duvet cover’s flap onto the end of the comforter, and place the entire roll inside the duvet cover. Duvet covers can now be closed (zipping, buttoning, tying, etc.) and you can then arrange your California roll so that it closes with your feet on the bed.
  • Once the blanket has been unrolled, start unrolling each side. The covers should be separated from rolls a bit. After unfolding the blanket all the way, flutter it up with a bit of a shake so it looks nice.
  • You will love your freshly made bed.
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