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How to perform chrome screen recorder to know internet history?

Chrome Screen Recorder: Chrome is a widely used internet browser and quite popular among the masses. You can see the particular browser on any cellphone or PC you name it. So, people use it to visit different websites on it and bookmarked webpages. It is known as an open-source platform where you can get access to the web and web-based applications. You can use it on Android, iOS, MAC and windows cellphones, and laptop desktop devices.

Over the years, plenty of people are trying their best to monitor and record the chrome browser running on the phone or PC screen to know about the internet history of the target device user. Parents and employers, in particular, want to perform a chrome screen recorder to get access to the activities.

What is a chrome screen recorder app?

It is the most advanced feature of monitoring software for cellphone and PCs. You can get access to the feature but you have to install the application on the target device and then access the online dashboard. Now you can get access to the features and activate the live screen recording tool. It empowers you to record the activities happening on the chrome browser in short videos form and save the data on the dashboard.

You can watch live recorded videos to stay updated about the target device’s internet history. Apart from the screen recording for chrome, the application is filled up with numerous other features like screenshots, keystrokes, spy social media, surround recording, and call recording, view installed applications, GPS tracking, block websites, and many more. Every feature of the tracking app for phones and PCs works secretly and provide you instant results. You can get detailed information via its customer support service through online chat.


Chrome screen recorder software is compatible with cellphones, tablets, and laptop desktop devices running with android phones and with mac and windows computer devices. You can use it on android OS 10 and all the OS versions of PCs.

How to get & install a chrome screen recorder?

If you want to set parental control on kid’s cellphones Or PCs and want to know about the browsing activities, then you need to subscribe to TheOneSpy. It is an application that is packed with multiple solutions for phones and PC running with different operating systems. You will get the subscriptions and licenses for both operating systems.

You will receive the credentials via email. Furthermore, you can get physical access on the target cellphone and computer device respectively, and get started with the installations. Once you have completed the processes of installation then you can activate both of the licenses on the target devices. Now you can use the credentials and get access to the separate web-based control panel. Now you can further get access to the features of solutions and use them on the targeted devices. You can use the solutions and features on your target devices and get to know about the internet history of the devices to the fullest.

Use cellphone & computer tracking software to track chrome

Screen recording for cellphone

You can record the screen of a cellphone at the time when the target device user is using the built-in or installed browser like chrome. You can activate the screen recorder tool of cellphone tracking app to record back to back short videos. The screen and send the recorded videos to the online dashboard. You can see the live recording of chrome browsing activities to see visited apps, websites, and bookmarked webpages.

Screen recording for computer

Users can use the online dashboard of the computer tracking app and activate the tool of chrome. Screen recorder on the target window and mac laptop and desktop device. It empowers you to record back to back videos. The screen and send the recording to the web control panel. Users can get access to the online dashboard where you can get your hands on the live chrome screen recorded videos. You can see the videos and get to know about the internet history of mac and windows computer devices to the fullest.


TheOneSpy is one of the best applications that empower you to perform chrome screen recording on cellphones. And computer devices running with different operating systems.

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