In general, when we think about how to furnish the living room of our house, we do it thinking about the position of the television and how we will be more comfortable watching it. Not that it’s a bad idea, but in my opinion it greatly limits the creativity and possibilities of a space.
There is no doubt that in most cases television is important and we spend more or less hours watching it, but the living room is also the place where you receive people, where you spend time with friends and family, it is a meeting place where not always TV is the protagonist, and yet the arrangement of our furniture tends to revolve around it, when in reality there are many possibilities that may make it a more beautiful and pleasant place.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and getting ideas for salons that I like. For me it is the most important place in the house, an oasis of rest, it is where we spend the most time and what defines us the most.

1. To furnish the living room, first think about the space , the size, the position of the windows and the passageways it has.
2. Try to buy furniture according to the size of your living room. Measure very well before furnishing. If it is small, do not choose large furniture because it will overwhelm a lot and it will seem smaller. If it is large, do not choose small furniture because they will be ridiculous and out of scale. May everything have harmony.
3. Get inspiration on Pinterest for living rooms you like, design styles, and then search the internet for furniture that you would like and that fits into your budget and save the photos. Put the photos next to each other to check that each piece combines or contrasts with the other so that the materials, colors and textures are beautiful together.

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When you are clear on these three points, go shopping for the furniture.

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In my head there are always a thousand ways to furnish a living room. One way that I love is facing two large sofas, the same upholstery and the same style or completely different. It’s up to you. I love adding two chairs or two armchairs between them, a nice table in the center and delimiting the space with a rug.
The rugs give the house a lot of warmth and delimit the spaces very well. I am very addicted to rugs and if you have a neutral living room you can add a special touch to it with a different rug or with cushions in bolder shades.

A TRICK if you are not sure about the furniture or if you are one of those who like to change the decoration from time to time: choose furniture in neutral tones and add a special and daring piece that in the future you can move to another room or get rid of it easily . You can also add the special touch to cushions, vases, curtains, lamps … decorative elements that you can move or remove easily. When you change these elements, even though the basic furniture is the same, the living room looks like a different one.
It is also very good to change the layout of the living room from time to time. It gives you a feeling of a new home and mentally clears a lot changing the way the space works.

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BUT … what happens when there is a window on either side, for example, or the space delimited by the living room only has a wall where we would support a television and on that wall what is best (according to your Pinterest references) is it for example a sofa or the two chairs? How do we put the TV there? It seems that it does not fit …
Well, television does not prevent you from getting your dream room. You have to get rid of it and that it does not impose itself on the distribution we want, there are many ways to integrate it into a living room and it does not necessarily have to be the conventional one (on a television cabinet).

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My advice is to leave the most comfortable place in front of the place where you are going to put the television and furnish the rest as best it is without it.

Then we can think of several ways to hide it and integrate it and make the living room change and become a cinema or a meeting space when we have people at home.

There are several ways to hide the TV:

1. Integrating it into a shelf and in a slightly high part. In this way we can place seats in front of the shelf without “looking weird”.

2. After a frame on rails that can be moved.

3. With slats that move and we can support a sofa without watching TV on top.

I hope you liked it and it has helped you to get an idea of ​​how to improve and facilitate giving a touch of design to our room.

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