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How is Open Source Custom Software Development Battling COVID-19

Times have suddenly changed with the coronavirus infection spreading like wildfire. COVID-19 is looming over every nation, and it shows no signs of withdrawal. Battling the pandemic is not the sole goal of healthcare professionals alone. IT experts from across the globe now need to join hands to fight the coronavirus.

IT firms big and small are now wielding the power of custom software development to help businesses and individuals carry out their daily activities despite the frequent lockdown, the need for social distancing, and home quarantine still prevalent in some locations in the world.

Custom software development is critically needed today

Collaboration with custom software developers has become the need of the hour. Software developers are working with open-source platforms to boost innovation to battle the virus. Everyone is stuck in the middle of this current global crisis. An active open-source community eco-system in software development has a lot of significance when it comes to the release of the health check and analytical tools to combat the coronavirus.

Datasets are being optimized and linked to each other so that innovative applications can be made accessible to the public freely. This data (open source in nature) is extensively being deployed for building models with medical evaluation tools to help policymakers, researchers, and people get updated information about the COVID-19 virus.

Today, developers safely work at home to build software platforms and tools required to battle the pandemic. They can make the best use of the open-source community when it comes to creating software applications targeted to help the government and healthcare facilities to contain the virus. There is a deep gloom of uncertainty and fear in the air right now. Though lockdowns have gradually been lifted, the coronavirus’s threats run high, and people are at risk even if they venture outside their homes.

Many open-source projects have taken the onus of battling the virus by informing people about the distance of infected people nearby. Besides these developments, the following are some fundamental projects that developers are working on to help the world during the pandemic:

  1. Building cost-effective ventilators with open source community collaboration- A massive team of volunteers, businesses, and specialists are globally working together to create open-source cheap ventilators.
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Simple designs from innovators in nations like Africa, India, and South America are assembling ventilators fast. They are effectively optimizing the hardware that is easily accessible so that ventilator models can be built quickly. Some models have been made, and they are being shared on major social media platforms.

Models are also being shared on popular open-source platform GitHub. Cost hindrances have been sorted, and now a response strategy is being developed as a response to the prevailing crisis.

  1. Emerging high-tech innovation is being used to battle the Coronavirus- New open source innovation has emerged where healthcare workers are now being informed about new cases of infection. Both open-source mobile and web applications are playing a vital role here in spreading awareness and data. These software platforms can detect potential outbreaks. This gives them the ability to control responses better. Such software was created in 2014 when Ebola-hit West Africa and all the nations under Africa were affected. These platforms were built on programming that was open source in nature. They could meet the administrative requirements and data of the national health care system in Africa.
  2. Open source projects for evaluation- Other notable innovations are fighting the coronavirus now. Different healthcare partners worldwide are united on systems, frameworks, and other activities focused on containing the virus. Thanks to these innovations, healthcare professionals can discover the chances of infection early. They can track and evaluate common healthcare dangers.

Some platforms have brought researchers across the world together to study how the virus has adapted to new environments. Researches are studying the genomic epidemiology of the coronavirus. They are analyzing the viral genomes on a shared dashboard and studying the mutations of the coronavirus and its evolutionary relations. These scientists and researchers are drastically putting in all their efforts to determine how the pandemic started and what it takes to stop its spread.

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Experts in Vue.js development services are focusing on innovation and the latest technologies

Vue.js development services worldwide are collaborating hard to work with open AIs, free software, and GitHub public repositories on an open-source community. They are discovering innovative software tools that come in as a savior during the growing pandemic. COVID-19 has led to a boom in the software industry. Developers are creating apps that keep in mind the best and worst scenarios to help the medical sector with capacity planning. Developers need to keep in mind the following:

  • Innovative apps need to be released into the market as fast as the number of COVID-19 cases is rising daily.
  • Apps need to be released for the real-time tracking of pathogens and the study of their evolution.
  • Apps need to be built for spreading information on vaccines and advanced therapies to the people so that they can take precautionary measures. In this way, numbers can reduce with awareness.

The role of vue.js developers during the pandemic

Some skilled vue.js developers are working on potential advanced apps and software platforms that will give data on viral screening, serological essays, models for testing potential therapies, and more. Though no significant progress in the above fields has been announced, these vital tools are indispensable to help scientists release advanced medicines and vaccines against the coronavirus.

Activities in custom software development are going on rapidly, like never before. It was in demand by businesses before the outbreak of the pandemic, but now, in the form of an open-source community, it is indispensable for helping the world.

Healthcare professionals and the government are relying on innovative software apps and tools to fight the coronavirus. There is a big challenge in dealing with the growing number of infected patients dying everywhere.

Open-source community developers have finally stepped in to join this battle of saving lives. The onus is to create innovative apps to help people unite to stop the infection and break the human chain of transmission for the COVID-19 virus as soon as possible!

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