How Do You Clean Discoloured Shower Tiles?

How Do You Clean Discoloured Shower Tiles?

Keeping the shower tiles and bathroom areas free from dirt and grime are the main cleaning goals. For this, be sure to follow all the shower tiles cleaning professional patterns to get the desired and deep cleaning results. How Do You Clean Discoloured Shower Tiles?

Most of the time, shower tiles become dirty and filthy due to moisture and water deposit on it. You need to remove these scums and water deposits on the tiles to save it from turning black. On the other hand, even after doing the regular cleaning of tiles, dirt and marks remain on the tiles due to lack of deep cleaning. For this, you can do the deep cleaning of shower tiles at least once per week for cleaning tile grout.

However, don’t use hard chemicals and bleaches to clean grout and tiles. Because these products will damage the color as well as the quality of tiles. At that point, the results will worse than your expectations.

On the other hand, grout has absorbent properties and absorbs the water and moisture easily. That’s why treat these issues in the early stages to save the floor’s surface and tiles. So, we will discuss a few guidelines and professional techniques to clean the tiles and grout with the help of mild shower tiles cleaner.

It will offer the effective cleaning of tiles and grout by utilizing natural and mild cleaning methods to enhance life as well as the durability of tiles.

Best Process To Clean Shower Tiles:

Shower tiles cleaning is a time taking process. But you can do it effortlessly by using the right and effective cleaning products and processes. While doing the cleaning of tiles, you should consider the grout lines firstly to clean and maintain the overall look of tiles. However, don’t use the hard chemicals on the grout lines. Otherwise, it will break and crack the grout.

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Remove Soap Scums:

Pre-cleaning of tiles is necessary to prepare the area for deep and professional cleaning results. For this, simply turn on the hot water shower and flow water on the tiles. The heat due to hot water will help to eliminate soap scums on the tiles even without scrubbing. In this way, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into scrubbing.

Moreover, hot water will also help out for cleaning tile grout without damaging and discoloration of tiles. Because steam due to hot water will help to open up all the pores of grout lines to remove stuck dirt and dust easily.

After that, you can use the mild shower tiles cleaner for shower tiles cleaning to clean the tiles appropriately by removing all the residue and grime. However, it’s better to use natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar for cleaning grout lines and tiles.  Because it’s a highly affordable and eco-friendly cleaning method.

But if you are using a professional and high-quality cleaner then use it also after testing on a small area or corner. It will help to know about the acidic level of this product. While cleaning with natural ingredients, follow the following steps:

  • To clean shower tiles, mix vinegar with water to make a spray solution. Put this solution in a bottle and spray it all over the tiles. Let the spray solution sit on the tiles at least for 15 minutes. But if the tiles are dirty and filthy, you can leave the solution on the tiles overnight to get the better cleaning tile grout
  • The vinegar will help to soften the stains and spills on the tiles and make it easier for the user to clean the tiles. It will help to remove all dirt, dust and grime on the tiles within no time and without damaging the tiles.
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While cleaning the tiles of walls in the shower area, you can use a soft cloth for scrubbing. For this, pour the shower tiles cleaner on the wall’s tiles and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, scrub the tiles with the help of a soft microfibre cloth in a circular motion. But if the tiles are dirty then you can also use a scrubbing tool.

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On the other hand, you can also do the cleaning of walls areas by steaming. After steaming the walls, use a cloth for mopping or sponge dipped in the solution to clean the tiles. After that, wipe out the tiles with water. Mop the wall’s tiles at least twice to dry appropriately. Otherwise, moisture and water will make marks on these tiles.

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