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If you want to start your career like stewardess, pilot or other job in the field of airline, you will notice one thing: a multitude of options. Let’s face it, there is a lot Airlines there, from JetBlue Airlines to Alaska Airlines, and even Emirates Airlines are known for being one of the two carriers of the United Arab Emirates.

And while you have a plethora of options is a good something can also be somewhat overwhelming and awkward. After all, you want to make sure you choose the best airline – especially at a time when job seekers are looking for the best working environments, salaries and benefits.

Well, if you’re struggling to narrow down your search, we’re here to help. Below, you will find five airlines ranked as the “top five best airlines to operate in 2022”, along with other imperative information, such as which ones have the highest pay and which benefits you can expect in the airline industry.

Top 5 best airlines to operate in 2022

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When it comes to your next job at the airline, do not settle for less. Be confident, proud and very satisfied with your career by choosing one of these five best the best companies for work.

Southwest Airlines

No airline gets so much buzz when it comes to great working conditions as Southwest Airlines. In addition to a stable and impressive salary, Southwest Airlines offers its employees a range of benefits. First, they receive a three-week PTO – which you can spend on a trip while enjoying the “heavy discounts” offered by this company. They also have a lucrative profit sharing plan and the 401K they make no disappointed. Needless to say, there is a reason why Southwest Airlines is on Forbes’ top 20 list of “best employers”.

– United Airlines

United Airlines is a big well-known airline and is one of the best hiring options, not to anyone’s surprise. They offer many benefits to their employees, from profit and bonus sharing plans to PTOs and discounted airfare. Those seeking inclusion will appreciate the Business Resource Groups that care about LGBTQI women, veterans, and those with multicultural backgrounds. With social, sports and employee activity clubs around the world, you are more than just an UA employee – you are family.

– Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is another great option for job seekers looking for incredible benefits and benefits. For example, Delta Airlines offers between 2 and 5 weeks PTO, depending on the length of employment. They also provide an emergency health package, free of charge or almost free travel for employees and their families and high tuition fees for those who want to improve their education. It’s an all-encompassing good experience in Delta!

– JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airways offers the best benefits for working women who plan to have a family, including 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. But this is not just a hot spot for women. Both sexes will enjoy free (or almost free) travel and great insurance, retirement and profit sharing that can skyrocket your salary.

– American Airlines

This airline is a significant focus on the well-being and happiness of its employees and their families. First of all, the company offers top travel benefits for employees and their friends and family. They also have a host of wellness programs and online learning platforms to enhance your education and skills. Lastly, there is the Family Fund to help with family emergencies, making it a great company for families around the world.

Airlines with the highest salary

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While the benefits are essentially, nothing is more critical than salary. When choosing which American airline to hire, consider your salary. Below are the first four options, complete with the average salary for flight attendants and pilots.

– United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the best choices for a sky-high salary (literally). Stewardesses earn around $ 44,000 on average, while pilots start at $ 91,000 and the highest paid earn as much as $ 240,000.

– American Airlines

American Airlines is another option for those who want to bring home a high salary. Stewardesses earn approximately $ 43,000, while pilots start at $ 90,000 to $ 245,000.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is definitely known for treating its employees well, extending their salaries. Stewardesses earn about $ 42,000, and pilots start at about $ 84,000 to $ 191,000.

– Delta Airlines

Future flight attendants should consider Delta Airlines. The average salary is $ 40,000, and the top 10% earn as much as $ 91,000 a year.

Airlines with the best employee benefits

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If you are looking for the company with the best benefits (including health care, air travel time, travel benefits, etc.), you will want to consider one of these three best companies.

– Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is known for its “free spirit”, and crew members tend to have a fun way of doing things for them. That alone is enough for some people to want to work for Spirit Airlines, but it does not stop there. They have impressive insurance, vacation and sick leave, free travel for friends and family and lots of training and development to take your career to the next level.

– Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is another small-scale operation, such as Spirit Airlines, that ensures a flawless work-life balance and a pleasant career with a cabin crew who are lightweight and always ready to have fun. They also offer short reserves, long vacations and the opportunity to fly almost anywhere without paying for it. Yes, you can be paid a little less because it is not a big company. However, most people will say that the benefits outweigh the reduced wages.

Southwest Airlines

If you want a higher salary combined with a large amount of benefits, Southwest Airlines is the way to go. With travel privileges, lots of free time, employee health programs and a profit-sharing plan, you are covered from every corner with Southwest Airlines.

Job benefits for a large airline

So far, it’s clear that working for an airline is a great option. But let’s get down to the nits. What benefits can you expect when you work for large airline?

– Free travel / discounted price

One of the biggest benefits is the benefits of traveling. Most large companies offer completely free travel for their employees (and possibly their friends and family) to the United States. If you are traveling outside the United States, this will not be a tax-free experience. However, you need to you only need to pay taxes when traveling outside the United States. You will also get rental cars, hotels and other luxuries at a reduced price.

– Flexible schedules

Another big advantage is flexibility. Most co-workers will not mind switching shifts so they can end up with more days off in a row, which means you can enjoy family or travel whenever you want.

– Opportunities for growth

It does not matter where you start. As long as you have a commitment and are ready to learn, you can grow in the company. For example, some employees started to deal with luggage and progressed to become pilots. However, do not think about the “basic” jobs in the airline. You can also find your way to higher human resources, finance and other areas.

– Good salary

More prominent airlines offer their employees a solid and stable salary. You do not have to worry about going “less” than you would like. Even those who start will earn a salary with which they are satisfied. Again, you can always make big money by using the programs and educational platforms offered by the company.

– Health care

Most airlines will offer a competitive healthcare package that may be complete with “standard” healthcare, including vision and dentistry, or may be deeper. For example, they may have a wellness package that can help with other areas of health, such as mental health.

– Retirement

When one thinks of compulsory work, one thinks of retirement. After all, no one wants to be afraid of how they will pay their bills when they retire. The big airlines are coming up with impressive retirement plans and 401,000 plans they can set up for life.

– Profit sharing

Another financial benefit is profit sharing. Most major airlines will offer some type of plan that will give them access to even more money (profit from the company) without having to do any of the “hard work”.

Bottom line

Working for an airline has a number of benefits, from healthcare options to profit sharing and flawlessly flexible schedules. If you are considering working for an airline, look at the information above to find the airline that suits your needs and desires. Then head to LinkedIn or another top job application page and get the ball rolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airline is the hardest to hire?

Delta Airlines is one of the most difficult airlines to enter. This is not surprising, considering that it is also one of the best airlines to operate. The interview process can be laborious, with the whole process taking several weeks. The easiest way to get back to the Delta door is to have a current employee refer you, if possible.

Which airlines are known for their best training programs?

Many airlines will offer their employees programs that can be done online through the company or will offer to pay for training and education from abroad. However, the top three include American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. If you are looking for a job with extensive and cutting-edge training programs for their employees, take a look at one of these companies.

The best part is the many jobs in the airline range only require a high school diploma to get started. So, if airlines call you by your name, you might want to consider jumping into an airline career.

Which is the best airline to operate in the United States?

In addition to the obvious choices – United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines – several runners-up are Allegiant, Hawaiian Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

If you are looking for options outside the United States, consider Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways or British Airways.

Which airline pays the highest salary for the cabin crew?

If you want to get in the airline by being part of the cabin crew, you have many options. The highest salary for the cabin crew is Etihad Airways, and the second is Jet Airways.

Can flight attendants make six figures?

Stewardesses can undoubtedly earn six figures a year, especially in Delta, United and American airlines. However, this is after many years of employment, so you will have to work up to this amount. However, keep in mind that the six numbers do not include overtime pay. So, your last salary may be a lot higher, depending on how often you work. Obviously, a flight attendant career can be lucrative if you are willing to be away from friends and family for a while (especially when you are just starting out).