Everything You Need To Know about them Steam Skins:

The Steam software has become my central gaming hub, even though I’m not using it exclusively for that.


The most significant advantage that Steam is currently having is that all of my gaming buddies have an account there and use the software to communicate and organize gaming events. You can play if the game is available on Steam.


Here, the latest versions of Steam come with a unified interface that you can’t change in the regular options.


Hence, they don’t have settings to change colors, fonts, or other interface elements. Still, while this may not bother a large number of gamers using Steam, some may want options to change the Steam interface.


Thus, the only way they can do that is to install skins, either skin custom-made or downloaded from the Internet. Lets learn how to installing steam skins in step by step procedure. 


Steam Skins Installation:


Let us take a look at how Steam skins are installing on the computer. Here, you can note that we have tested this on Windows and may differ, or maybe even not possible for Steam on Linux or Mac.  The first thing that you need is skin. We suggest you start with the perfect Pixelvision skin, which you can find some of the short Steam skin lists below.


You can download and extract the skin to the local system. You may find a font and a skin folder in there.


Here, the fonts need to be installing to do by right-clicking them and select to install. Hence, the easiest way to do this is to select all, then install them at once with right-click on it.


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You may then need to move the skin folder into the Steam > Skins folder. You can find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\skins by default.


You can now open the Settings in Steam with a click on View > Settings and select the Interface there.


Here, you may locate the “Select the skin you wish Steam to use (requires Steam to restart), now click the menu there, and select the newly installed skin. Hence, Steam can automatically prompt for a restart and load with the newly installed skin afterward.


Here to switch back to the default skin, select it from the Interface menu, and restart Steam afterward. You can uninstall skins by deleting their folder in the Steam skins folder and uninstalling fonts and the like installed during installation of the skin.


How to Install Skins on Steam?

Here, we may assume that you don’t have a skin Installed on the Steam Client, and you will be doing a fresh start. But, before we get started with the installation process, let me tell you where you can find your Steam client’s skins.


Finding Skins for Steam:

They have plenty of websites on the Internet that provide steam skins, but one of the most popular and trusted websites is SteamSkins. Here, on this website, you can download many coats, and you can even get your skin published by mailing them. Hence, in this guide, we are installing Metro and the Air skin for Steam, but you can download any skin you love.


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Installing Skins on Steam:

Step-1: You can download the favorite Steam skin on the PC. We have downloaded Metro and Air, and in this guide, we’ll be installing both the skins. You’ll have to extract the skin if it’s in a Zip/ RAR file format.


Step-2: Here, you have downloaded the skins, paste them into the skins folder, present them in Steam’s program files.


Step-3: Now, you can open the Steam client and go to Settings. Here, you have opened the settings menu, select the Interface tab in the left column.


Step-4: There, you will find an option saying Select the skin which you want to use. Here, you have to Click on the down arrow, and you’ll find your Installed skins. Select the skin and click OK. Here, that’s all Steam will restart the client, and the skin will get applied successfully.



Here, we have briefed you about the installation process of Steam Skin in your PCs. You can refer to this article to install and run Steam Skins’ software by following these steps. Hence, Steam Skin is available on several websites for gaming purposes.

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