the Shock Absorber in Your Car

DIY Automobile: How to Repair the Shock Absorber in Your Car

The shock absorber in your car makes your ride comfortable and smoother by reducing the impact of bumps. Any damage to them can cause many problems if not fixed on time. Instead of changing them, you can easily repair them at your garage. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the mechanics for the repair or buy expensive replacement parts. Follow the instruction in this DIY guide to repair the shock absorber of your car at home. 

Signs of Damaged Shock Absorber

Before starting with the repair, you need to make sure it is the shock absorber that has broken. The Following are the common signs that indicate a faulty shock absorber:

    • The most common sign of a broken shock absorber is its inability to reduce the impact of bumps. If you are feeling every bump on the road, it is the shock absorber that needs repair. You might have to replace the absorber if the car has run over 35,000 miles.
    • If there is fluid or oil all over the body of the shock absorber, check for any crack or leak. You can easily repair the crack or leak with the right repair guide.
    • Another major problem caused by damaged shock absorber is the uneven tire treads wearing. A faulty shock absorber will cause the piston to lose shocks, increasing the bounce on the chassis.
    •  The damaged shock absorber can also reduce the braking efficiency of the car. Check the shock absorber if the breaks are taking too long to respond. To make a break, the tire requires steady down with the road surface. The shock absorber with some fault will prevent the tire from making contact with the road, reducing the braking performance.

      While driving, if the car is difficult to control while making a turn may indicate a faulty shock absorber. You must get it to prevent any accidents. 

    • Rear Squat or Nose Dive: The rear squatting or nose-diving is often caused by faulty shock absorber in a car. This is experienced when the brake is applied to it. 

Repair Instructions

For those who prefer using the tools in their garage instead of paying off the mechanic, repairing shock absorber can make a fun weekend activity. If you face any of the problems mentioned above, follow the instructions below to repair the car shock absorber.

Disassemble the Parts

Start with dissembling the parts required to access the shock absorber. Make sure you have the complete disassembling kit before you start the repair. Lift the car with the help of a car jack, and access the shock absorber. Use the disassembling kit to take out the faulty shock absorber from the car.

Clean the Shock Absorber

There are times when a simple cleaning with a brush and water can fix the problem for you. Since the shock absorber is an open part, it is prone to malfunctioning because of clogs and dust. Make sure the brush you use to clean the shock absorber reaches its every corner for proper cleaning. 

Diagnose the Shock Absorber

Check the surface of the component for any crack or visible damage. If the liquids are being leaked, it might have punctured. The absorber must be cleaned thoroughly for the proper inspection.

Fix the Damaged Shock Absorber

Try repairing any part of the absorber that seem damaged. Sometimes, they are beyond repair, and replacement is the only option for them. In such cases, look for the specific part instead of the whole absorber. In case there is leakage, use the aftermarket leakage fixing kit as a solution. Do not replace any component that shows no sign of damage or wear.

Reassemble the Components

After fixing the shock absorber component, reinstall the components that were detached earlier. Ensure proper fitting of the component by tightening them with enough force. 

Check the Repair

Compare the before and after the performance of the car after reassembling the components. The repair is complete if you don’t encounter any problem with the car.

If the Problem Persists

We recommend you take help from experts in case the repair was unsuccessful. Call your mechanic and let him handle the task for you. Do not fall for the cheap aftermarket products for your car. You have already spend a good amount of money on it, take good care of it with quality replacement parts.


Fixing any vehicle is a serious job. You cannot take a risk with the repair that can cause severe damage to the other parts or even an accident. Make sure you have some experience with the mechanical parts before you start the repair. Also, you must have the right tools for the job for proper installation. In case you need money for the expensive replacement parts, apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker to get the best deal.

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