A successful company is built on the foundation of hard-working employees. However, finding such candidates is difficult, even with huge HR teams and expansive budgets.

That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to stand out from candidates. The only way that is possible is by having a great organizational culture!

“It’s the candidate’s world and we just live in it.” – LinkedIn

That’s why you need to shape your company culture around your employees to fill your open positions with the best talent.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Respect is crucial

Mutual respect for everyone, regardless of their designation in a workplace, is probably the first step in developing a great corporate culture. For that, every employee of the company (big or small) must work together and give each other the same level of respect that they want from others.

This can be accomplished by doing small but impactful things like being polite to both seniors and juniors, delegating meaningful tasks to your subordinates, and even paying attention to nonverbal communication.

2. Remember you’re in this together!

Create a sense of belonging by having more than a professional relationship with your team. It will help create teamwork and build trust. Caring is important, because if you don’t, the culture suffers, because then it’s every man for himself.

3. Inclusion is key

Involve all employees, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation and race. The more diversity, the more input and the stronger the team is able to hear perspective in a respectful way.

4. Be open to change

The company culture can only thrive if everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinion and expressing themselves. Not only does this help to gain more perspective on an issue, it even makes the employee feel wanted and valued. As an organization you have to ensure that innovation is central to the culture of your organization.

5. Set a preview

As a business leader, you should always remember that if you want your team to fit into your company culture, you need to make sure you live by it and not just talk about values. Once you start doing this, your company culture will thrive the way you want it to.

6. Strengthen and Encourage

As a leader, you should not expect your team to adopt the corporate culture from the start. Instead, you should carefully shape their opinion so that they can see the company’s vision as clearly as you do. For that to happen, you have to give them time while empowering them so that they take pride in the company culture.

7. Communication is important

As I said before, understanding and mutual respect are the building blocks of corporate culture. And what makes it even better is great communication. By communication I don’t just mean between teams, but also between the leaders and employees. In this way everything remains transparent and the trust of the employees in the company and its value remains intact.

To summarise:

These were the points that I think are important for the company culture. Let me wrap it up by quoting a few points from Kylas. A great culture helps you:

  • Increase team morale and motivate everyone to give 100%
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • More teamwork and less politics in the workplace.
  • Long term obligations
  • Employees focus more on results and growth.

That was it on my part. If there are more points you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear what else can be added to this list and your experiences as a small business.