Beautiful places in second life

Beautiful places in second life

Are you bore in your regular life? Then I suggest you visit, at least one time, to Second Life which is full of great enjoyment. The places bellow I have described may be helpful for you. Your boring time will turn into an unforgettable exciting moment which you are looking for.

So let’s see Beautiful places in 2nd life ……..

Kowloon’s Gate Reborn

A crazy place to enjoy built by the Japanese for the tour lover. A lot of unique shops and entertaining places are there to observe. If you need better refreshment you can go to PlayStation where the same name game to play, discovered by Kouki Inoue.

Montecito Bay

In second life, Montecito Bay is really a nice place to visit with mates. There are plenty of things to move here. It reminds you of Fox Heaven. Many Easter eggs find around the Bay. Ferris wheel, Segway can run you the all-around city. Different clubs are also found in Montecito Bay to enjoy. Second Life visits can give you a new life. For details, you may follow the SL Cubbin division.


Palmwood is the best place to explore and refreshment with the friends. Live DJ party like arcade roller ring are there as inspiration of the city members.

 Dawson Forest

An extremely virtual forest is Dawson Forest. Such an amazing natural site anyone may not ever see. Just think yourself as the part of the natural forest then you may discover yourself in a new dreamy world.

Reykja Island

Need relaxation? Then Reykja Island is very much close to you. There are many beautiful things here to enjoy like camping mini-golf, motorboat, fishing, etc. But you should be brave about skydiving, wall climbing or hot air balloon riding, or adventure with airport or ferry.

Why people travel for pleasure

 Raglan Shire National Park

Raglan Shire National Park is called a relaxing park to refreshing oneself. Various kinds of little frogs and critters make this park much popular and colorful to the regionals. If you want to take the happiness of the beautiful moments keep up with the special arrangements of this Raglan Shire Tiny Community. Everybody is cordially welcome here.

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Inspire Space Park Nature Reserve

A curious, peaceful, and enchanting park is Inspire Space Park. Here you can see the beauty of the venture of the waterway. Here Pop’s Dinner is waiting for food service. Lush forests, waterfalls, tropical tours, flowing streams, and many other things make this place unique to visit. Visiting this park, may your good feeling.

Devils Bend National Park

A nice visiting place for the tour lover. It may be a good gift and surprise for the family as well as mates to explore to Devils Bend National Park. Observe abandoned caves, tunnels, historical sites, and take the photo credit of your family or friends for future memories.

Jambo! A Voyage To Africa

Tour to Jambo! A Voyage To Africa may take you to the infancy of mankind which was built in the 1920s century. You have to decide that whether you visit a wildlife veterinary station or savanna or to small native village, that you want to visit. Every place is perfect for exploring.

Lavender Lake by TONAL

This is a beautiful natural lake around the Adriatic Sea. A lot of purple flowers around the village give the best name as ‘Lavender Lake’. From this lavender, the villagers made a nice fragrance, oils even dessert wine. But with modernism homes are decorated over the lake and treetops.

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