Apple has retained the title of the most valuable brand in the world in 2022

According to a study, Apple will retain its title as the world’s most valuable brand in 2022, valued at $ 355.1 billion. The Cupertino Company’s value has risen 35% as a result of increased market recognition. After Apple, Amazon and Google were recognized among the top three most valuable brands of the year. TikTok, on the other hand, has become the fastest growing brand in the world, with valuations expected to grow 215 percent by 2022.

Apple has become the first brand to reach a global valuation of $ 3 trillion, according to a new ranking report by Brand Finance. In 2021, the company’s branding increased from $ 263.37 billion to $ 355.1 billion in 2022.

“Apple accounts for about half of Apple’s sales. “However, with the launch of a new generation of iPad, an iMac upgrade and the launch of AirTags, Apple has focused more on its other product suites this year,” the company added.

According to Brand Finance, Apple’s services, such as Apple Pay and Apple TV, are becoming increasingly important to the company’s success. In 2022, Amazon is second only to Apple in the Global 500 rating of brand finance. With a 38 percent profit of 350.3 billion, U.S. e-commerce behemoth has joined the iPhone maker, surpassing the $ 300 billion mark.

“Amazon considers logistics important and is building its own end-to-end supply chain with a growing fleet of trucks, vans and planes. According to the corporation, the company invested $ 80 billion in its logistics business between 2020 and 2021, compared to $ 58 billion in the previous five years combined.

According to Brand Finance, Google’s brand value has grown 38% this year to $ 263.4 billion. Google, which relies heavily on advertising for its huge revenue, suffered losses at the start of the Kovid-19 outbreak, according to the corporation, due to lower advertising costs. The search giant, on the other hand, has recovered because the world is adjusting to the new normal, the report said.

This year, Microsoft Brand Finance ranks fourth on the Global 500 list, surpassing only Google. The company’s brand value rose more than 31% to $ 184.2 billion. According to Brand Finance, Walmart overtook Samsung in 2022 to become the fourth most valuable brand. After a 20% increase from last year’s 93.18 billion value, the corporation now has a brand value of $ 111.91 billion.

Samsung, on the other hand, dropped to fifth place with a brand value of $ 107.28 billion. Brand Finance ranks the company as the only South Korean company in the top 25 most valuable brands. Unlike Samsung, the Huawei brand has risen from No. 21 to No. 9 in the Finance 500 rankings this year. According to the company, revenue rose 29% to $ 71.2 billion.

“The US sanctions hit Huawei’s smartphone business hard, but the company has responded positively by increasing its investment in both the domestic technology business and R&D, as well as shifting its focus to cloud services,” according to Brand Finance.

In addition to the top-priced brands, TikTok has been named the fastest growing brand in the world by Brand Finance. Over the past year, the brand value of short-video apps has grown 215 percent to $ 59 billion. It ranks 18th among the top 500 most valuable brands in the world, according to Brand Valuation Consultancy.

Snapchat, like TikTok, has become a popular app this year, with its brand value increasing. According to Brand Finance, the app’s brand value rose 184 percent to $ 6.6 billion.

For the second year in a row, the firm has named WeChat the most powerful brand in the world. According to the report, its brand value in 2022 was $ 62.30 billion.

In the 2022 Brand Finance Global 500 rankings, the technology industry was once again the most valuable. In terms of business, the total brand value of the sector exceeds 1.3 trillion. It is important to remember that the brand valuation of Brand Finance is calculated separately and does not reflect the market capitalization of the brand.

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