Recently surveyed a bunch of scholars concerning the foremost necessary aspects of a highschool or school laptop computer. They were nearly entirely in agreement on their prime priorities: battery life and movability. ACER’S SWIFT 3 IS A SOLID LAPTOP FOR STUDENTS.

That’s very United Nations agency the Acer Swift three is targeting. It checks all of the “ultrabook” boxes, however, it’s a solid “B” student at intervals that class. It’s a bit worse in most areas than players just like the hollow XPS thirteen or Acer’s higher-end Swift five and Swift seven, and there’s nothing significantly flashy or exciting.

That’s a feature, though, not a bug. as a result of at $649 selling price (it’s concerning $673 on Amazon at the time of press), the question isn’t “Does this laptop computer knock your socks off?” The question is “Does it get the duty done, and wherever square measure you asked to compromise?”

The compromises exist — I’ll get into them later — however, the gist is that, for Google Docs work, Zoom calls, streaming, emailing, and different tasks that several students pay the day doing, the Swift three will the trick. And it offers the mix of movability and sturdiness that’s good for field expertise or different on-the-go lifestyles.AcerSwift


On the movability 1st. The Swift three is two.65 pounds (1.2kg) and 0.63 inches thick. meaning it’s not the lightest 14-inches out there. The Swift five is two.18 pounds (0.99kg) and zero.59 inches, and a number of different laptops past the $1,000 value purpose square measure on the point of the two-pound mark. This Swift isn’t light-weight enough that selecting it up messes along with your mind. however it’s still quite transportable and considerably agent than several budget choices like Acer’s be after five. You shouldn’t have any bother carrying it around or compression it into a full backpack.

This conjointly isn’t one in every of those midrange machines like HP’s Envy x360 that appears and feels a lot of premium than it’s. Sit the Swift three next to the Swift five, and you’ll most likely guess that one is dearer. I’d decided the former’s, aesthetic minimalist. The chassis could be a silvery grey, and there square measure shiny Acer logos on the lid and (thick-ish, however not terrible) bottom edge. there’s one factor I significantly like: “Swift” is written in a very fashionable font across the middle hinge, loaning AN aura of sophistication to what would possibly preferably be a clunky-looking feature.Acer

14-inch IPS show, 1920 x 1080
8-core AMD Ryzen seven 4700U two.0GHz with step up to four.1GHz
8GB of RAM
2.65 pounds (1.2kg)
Ports: one USB-C three.2 information two with DisplayPort, one USB 3.2 Gen 1, one USB 2.0, one HDMI, one audio jack
Windows hi fingerprint reader
Pure Silver

Students can appreciate that it all feels pretty sturdy, particularly for AN ultraportable. the highest and bottom covers square measure metal, and therefore the palm rests square measure magnesium-aluminum. There’s some flex within the screen and keyboard, however not enough to create Pine Tree State worry concerning banging it around in my backpack. There are durable pads on all-time low to stop slithering.

Note, though: There’s no touchscreen, and therefore the show doesn’t flip around to tent or pill form (though it will lay flat if would like to be). If you’re beginning highschool or school this year, it’s value considering whether or not you’d like a tool with that you’ll be able to take notes or draw diagrams.Acer

If you wish Thunderbolt three, you’ll explore the Intel models.

On the perimeters, you’ll notice a reasonably good choice of ports. There’s an influence plug, an HDMI, a USB-A, and a USB-C on the left; on the correct, there’s a phone jack, another USB-A, and a Kensington lock slot. If you’re not a devotee of Acer’s brick, you’ll be able to charge with the USB-C port further. One factor which may be nice to possess is AN Mount Rushmore State slot, however, I’ll forgive that omission as a result of this device is clearly not meant for artistic work.

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That brings Pine Tree State to the show, that is that the biggest compromise you’ll be creating if you select the Swift three. In testing, the 1920 x 1080 panel reproduced AN underwhelming sixty-five % of the sRGB spectrum and solely hit 218 nits of brightness. For work and diversion wants, that result’s okay, tho’ it rules the Swift out for anyone United Nations agency has to do creative work or desires their videos to appear as beautiful as they will. (Those individuals ought to be gazing higher-end choices just like the Swift five.)

It will produce issues with outside use, though. I did some work on my construction, and even on a reasonably dreary afternoon, with the screen at most, glare hindered my expertise. I perpetually found myself want I may crank things up a lot of. Some comparable laptops do better: the be after five gets slightly brighter with similar sRGB results, whereas Lenovo’s IdeaPad five achieves over three hundred nits (though the color copy is slightly worse).Acer

The other hindrance is that the 16:9 ratio, that makes multitasking a pain. As somebody United Nations agency typically stacks multiple windows aspect by aspect, I nearly always required to zoom resolute see everything I required to directly. There square measure a number of Swift three models with 3:2 displays that square measure a small amount dearer, however, value considering if you’re thinking that you’d take pleasure in the further screen house.

There square measure things to love concerning the panel, though. The bezels square measure fairly unnoticeable, measure five.5 millimeters on the perimeters, giving the entire factor a contemporary and skilled look. Acer claims AN eighty two.73 % screen-to-body magnitude relation. and therefore the end is matte, which mitigates the consequences of glare in bright settings at the expense of some distinction.

The keyboard is on the shallow aspect, and that i didn’t hit my usual writing speeds, however there’s a pleasant click thereto (and it’s even backlit). The touchpad is additionally fine and supports exactness gestures, however, it needs a small amount of a firm press. The digital camera is sandy, however it produces a serviceable image. There’s no automatic face recognition, that isn’t a criminal offense at this value purpose. One handy feature is that the integrated fingerprint reader, that is below the keyboard. It’s each quick (it takes but a second to authenticate) and quite reliable.Acer

In different words, the Swift three is ok (but not great) in nearly every class. however if there’s one space wherever the device is punching higher than its weight category, it’s performance. That’s no surprise since AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series has spent a lot of this year redefining the results we should always expect from budget and mid-range merchandise.

Inside my $649 Swift, three review sample is AN eight-core AMD Ryzen seven 4700U two.0GHz processor with Radeon graphics further as 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM (soldered, therefore you get what you get). Acer still contains a $399 Core i3-8130U model on its web site, however the most affordable listed Ryzen 4000 possibility is $619 and comes with a six-core Ryzen five 4500U, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. There square measure Intel choices further, together with a $679 configuration with a Core i5-1035G1. (Don’t get that one. All signs purpose thereto providing worse performance for more cash.)

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The Acer Swift three from the left aspect.
You can’t beat Swift 3’s performance at this value.
MyMy system was dead fine at handling my daily workplace employment of eight to twelve Chrome tabs with Slack, Spotify, and occasional Zoom decision over prime. Video streaming and basic exposure redaction was conjointly no downside. Nothing bogged down, the chassis ne’er heated, and that i ne’er even detected the fans. It very felt like employing a Surface laptop computer or different higher-end Windows choices. (Of course, you wouldn’t need to use the Swift three for vice on the far side basic titles, or different tasks which may leverage a GPU.) Battery life was conjointly fine. I got between six and a 0.5 and 7 hours driving the Swift three through my workday, on the higher Battery profile with the screen around two hundred nits of brightness.

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This configuration ought to be fine for any similar load of college or job work. however I don’t assume you even would like these specs to induce excellent expertise. We’ve seen fantastic results from the six-core Ryzen five 4500U, that performs comparably to a Core i7. i feel anyone eyeing the Swift three will go together with one in every one of those models (they’re presently going for as low as $619) and save a piece of the amendment.

My one criticism is that the speakers aren’t nice. Audio is skinny, even compared to different laptop computer speakers, with bass and percussion terribly muted. Another factor to notice is that Swift will go with some bloatware. I got some annoying Norton popups and ad notifications from Acer’s Jumpstart program, and there’s some random stuff like Dropbox and ExpressVPN preinstalled. It’s another factor that’s not the top of the planet at this value purpose, however if you wish to liberate house or simply cut back the litter, you’ll need to take it slow to get rid of this stuff.

AGREE TO CONTINUE: Acer SWIFT three (2020)
Every good device currently needs you to conform to a series of terms and conditions before you'll be able to use it — contracts that nobody really reads. It’s not possible for America to browse and analyze every single one in each of these agreements. however we tend to start enumeration precisely what number times you've got to hit “agree” to use devices after we review them since these square measure agreements most of the people don’t browse and undoubtedly can’t talk over.

The Acer Swift three presents you with multiple things to conform to or decline upon setup.

The necessary policies, that AN agreement is needed, are:

A request for your region and keyboard layout
Windows ten License Agreement
A Microsoft account for sign-in (this may be bypassed if you don’t connect the pc to the net throughout setup)
In addition, there's a slew of nonobligatory things to agree to:

Windows hi fingerprint detector authentication
Activity History
Link your smartphone
OneDrive copy
Office 365
Cortana (which permits Microsoft to access your location, location history, contacts, voice input, speech and handwriting patterns, writing history, search history, calendar details, messages, apps, and Edge browsing history)
Device privacy settings: on-line speech recognition, notice My Device, Inking and writing, Advertising ID, Location, Diagnostic information, Tailored experiences
Acer has another request for your name, region, and email address upon setup, that is then used for support, product improvement, customized offers, and news updates. All of those square measure nonobligatory.
Enroll in Acer’s listing and therefore the Acer User expertise Improvement Program (allowing them to gather info on your usage and send it to Acer), and permit Acer to share contact details with Norton therefore it will send you updates concerning its pre-installed security package. All of those square measure nonobligatory.
In total, that’s four necessary agreements and seventeen nonobligatory ones.

The Acer Swift three comes with compromises. a number of those square measure a given with a $649 Windows laptop computer — you’re clearly not obtaining a frenzied GPU or AN exceptional screen — however, others square measure value brooding about. It’s not a convertible device, there’s no touchscreen, and therefore the style won’t flip any heads. As caveats go, these square measure off from deal-breakers, however they’re necessary to some customers — and students, specially. If you’re searching for a sleeker 2-in-1, you will notice HP’s Envy x360 or Lenovo’s IdeaPad Flex five to be a far better work, albeit at higher prices.

But overall, the Swift 3’s durable build, good battery, and compact kind render it a solid selection for its target demographic: students and anyone else searching for a transportable device that won’t break the bank. It’s not the most effective laptop computer on the market in any of these classes — however it’s altogether|one amongst|one in every of} the most effective at its value purpose in all of them.


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