event management

A career in event management

Event management a field which is versatile in nature, you need to be very much updated to be in this field, this is much vast. An event can’t be handled by one person alone he/she need a team of skilled people of different specialization. Like when to manage a wedding, you require a team of different professional people, skilled and unskilled labor, special in India where the wedding is such a big event for all couples and their families. In India planning for a wedding or any other event starts months ago before the event.

This summarizes that events in India are celebrated at a great level, events are huge so does the scope of event management in India.

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Managing an event is not easy, you can’t just read or learn about event management and will ready to serve. This industry requires a hell lot of experience about this industry and its working, one just cant start managing events without any prior knowledge or experience about the event management industry. This state that an event manager must be having some amount of experience by doing a job or internship for industry, which will help him in his career.

Scope of event management

Event management is a rapidly growing field in terms of career. This is creating a humongous amount of job opportunities. This profile has become a trend for youth who want to be independent. As you gain some experience in this field, you can begin a PR consultancy firm to grow press relations. You can also arrange for kitty parties or birthday parties at the starting level. Then you can grow and can arrange corporates events and weddings. So there is a lot of scopes to grow in this field just it needs more focus and enthusiasm.

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Skills required.

The field of event management is not only limited to be having a great number of creative skills but also involves lots of discipline and meticulous thinking. Planning for a

vent is an event in itself. The work for organizing events starts from the very initial process. The client comes to the event manager with an unclear mind his requirements are just to make his/her particular event managed successfully. Your creativity should showcase your work, you just can’t work for clients on the same design. Event management requires a lot oh hard work sometimes you have to stay late at night for work purpose

Job opportunity

In this, you can open your own business or can go for a job. You can work for someone to gain experience as in this field experience plays the most important role in this. According to some sources, this industry will create around 15 crores of job opportunity in India until 2022.  Even while doing freelancing or just planning on paper can earn you 20000+ salary. If you prefer to manage weddings or parties you can easily earn around Rs. 30, 000 to 40,000 or even more according to the size of the event.

Reason to join the event industry

  • Versatile industry.Can do Job or Freelancing
  • Internationally accepted field
  • It keeps you on your toes i.e. this field brings new challenges 
  • Hard work is always worth it. 

Working of the event industry

Event managers organize events such as company conferences, musical concerts, roadshows, celebrity promotions, film awards, fashion, celebrity shows, product launching, theme parties, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, exhibitions, workshops, corporate seminars, etc.

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As an event manager, you can go rapidly if you skills, event managing companies focus on how to give 100% satisfaction to their clients, they work to see Happy faces after the event is successfully done. This random praise completes the joy of working in this industry, the amount of energy you give more will you get satisfaction after the job is done. Mouth to mouth publicity can give you the best business in this industry. This publicity help you grow in business so always try to give the best services to your clients

For getting the best career opportunities you have to choose the best event management institute for learning skills and enhancing your career.

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