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6 Bollywood Movies You Must Watch

The Bollywood movie industry produced a variety of great movies per annum and every one those movies most liked by not only the people of India but also like by outside of India. All the films have their own value and characteristics and a separate likable story that touches the guts of individuals who just like the Bollywood most.

This industry within the past year did such a lot of progress and become an enormous movie industry during this era. So we have the list of flicks that you simply just got to watch.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

This movie released in 2001 and at that point it breaks all the records of that specific year and earned tons of profit not only at that point still nowadays people, again and again, watch this movie and refresh the instant of the year 2001. it had been an excellent blockbuster explanation for its family sort of story and therefore the actor and actresses within the film.

The leading cast of the movie may be a great Amitabh Bachan and her wife, Sharukh Khan, Kajol, Kareena, Hrithik Roshan. I might share with you a touch story of the movie that the Shahrukh Khan who is that the son of an upscale man Amithab Bachan fall crazy with a poor girl Kajol and for this reason man of means kick out his son from the house.

And the other son of a man means Amitabh Bachan is Hrithik Roshan takes his brother home without the permission of his father. This film earned tons of profit that year and was an excellent blockbuster.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This film released in 1998 within the Bollywood movie industry starred on king khan and Kajol a gorgeous few the industry. The chemistry of those both actors are excellent within the film they did 7 blockbusters during which their couple hit the foremost. People mostly such a lot like their film and luxuriate in their couple because they’re very almost their dreams and hearts within the quite movie couple.

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All the songs of this film hit the foremost at that point and still, now people usually want to observe this movie and luxuriate in the 1998 story which is most liked by them. This film earned tons of fame thanks to Shahrukh and Kajol’s couple due to people most like their couple in every film they did.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

This great film released in 1995 and win the guts of all the people that like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol couple because in every film they did a splendid job. during this film Raj and Simran both enjoying their foreign trip with friends and fall crazy with one another during this trip.

After the returning of Simran, her father fixed his marriage someone and Raj come to India trying to breach her marriage and convinced her father to marry Simran with him. All old movies you’ll free download on Movie Hustle in 720p quality. This movie also break all records and gained much profit at that point and other people also like this movie still now and happy to observe this.

Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan not only did romantic and high movies he also did comedy movies and his comedy movie areas hit as their romantic and high movies. It’s a comedy movie during which Shahrukh Khan and Deepika did an excellent comedy. during this film, Rahul getting to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish to spread his ashes into the ocean and he doesn’t know that he will trap within the saving of a woman who is additionally getting to his home at there his father expecting her to marry her cousin which dislike him most.

Her father may be a don at that area and during this typical situation, Rahul saving Meenamma from her father bear goons fighting and falling crazy with Meenamma. It’s a comedy based romance between Shahrukh and Deepika which is most liked by the people and earned the simplest profit.

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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

This movie released in 2008 a romantic movie and comedy also starred on Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. They both did an exquisite job within the film and during this film showed that God chooses the simplest for you and you can’t choose for yourself the simplest if it’s not chosen by God. during this film, Raj is that the student of Anushka’s father and on the marriage day of Anushka, the Barat got an accident, and therefore the groom dead within the accident.

In this tough situation, the daddy of Anushka faces an attack and expecting his death on the death bed. thanks to preventing of this tension Anushka’s father tie his daughter’s hand together with his gentle and obedience student Raj and gone from this ordinary world. Now Tani who is Anushka not love Raj and Raj making and trying Tani to like with him.

2 States

This movie is released in 2014 during which two different cultural families face many obstacles to falling crazy with a few. the 2 college students falling crazy with one another and once they reach their families to inform that they fall crazy both families refused and not agreed and lots of hurdles face after the choice to marry one another. Also an excellent blockbuster and having the simplest feedback and take advantage of its fans. This movie Starred on Anil Kapoor’s son and Alia Bhatt did an excellent add this movie.


All the films on the list watch most by the people even again and again and luxuriate in whenever as first. they’re all splendid blockbuster ever and most famous movies. a number of them provide a lesson applying to your lifestyle and other is predicated on comedy.

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