5 Android Apps Able to Make Money

Living in this digital era is indeed very easy, everything is digital we are spoiled by sophisticated technologies that are increasingly developing.
One of the countries with the highest active smartphone users is Indonesia. Smartphone users use to exist on social media.

The spread of smartphones is not only to exist in general media, there are still many things we can do with these smartphones. We can cause our smartphones to become fields of money or can become our side appendages, only needing diligence and painstaking, only smartphone and internet capital, we can reach the coffers of money.

Come on, see how?

1. WHAFF Reward

Maybe some who often surf in the public media surely know what WHAFF Reward is, well this application is a money-making application. There are a number of offers in this application and later we can choose, such as downloading, installing, and playing applications that are listed on WHAFF Rewards.

As for the amount that we can afford from the application reward is 0.0-1 dollar, it depends on the reward we run, all rewards vary in dollar results. There is still more payment if you are able to complete the premium offer.

There are three types of cash disbursement, you can make it through PayPal, then you can use mobile phone credit, such as, Axis, Telkomsel, Tri, etc., and the latter can use balances on iTunes, Minecraft, Google Play, Skrill and Blizzard.

How, are you interested in this application? Don’t waste your time just playing. Good luck.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

This application is very easy, the reason is you don’t need to install it on the plasy store, you only need to write an opinion in the survey column provided by Google.

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It’s a points system, so if you want to get points you have to fill them in correctly and validly. The questions you are about to fill are not too difficult to answer. The questions are as follows, “Which logo do you think is the best?”, How easy is it and there are many other questions and you can certainly answer it.

The survey that will be available will not be available every day, maybe a week and two weeks there will be another survey.

If you are interested in trying it, you have to pay your IP address by using a VPN because Google Opinion Rewards is not yet available in Indonesia.

3. Just Cuman

Anyone know just ceban? well this application is a moneymaker formed by the nation’s children. How to get the money from this application is quite easy? That is, you only play the minigames that have been provided in this application.

The results of playing this game, you will get a ticket that will be effective to compete for attractive prizes like a watch, you can even get a smartphone.

4. Showbox

This money-making application already has around ten million users. They can get an average of $ 25 or around Rp.375 thousand just playing the games that are in the showbox application.

This application is suitable for those of you who like to play games, playing games can earn more money.

The system used by this application you have to collect 1,000 points which is equivalent to $ 1. How to get these points. You can play games that have just been released, watch video games and can also win games competitions.

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You can get 30-500 points for a successful bid. Points that can be chipped up to $ 5 or 5000 points.

For withdrawals you can use a PayPal account, gift card and also with operator pulses.

5. Cubic News

Kubik News is one of the various applications that can generate coffers of money. By reading the news in the cubic news application. If you like reading books then this application is for you. Read and earn money.

By reading the info from the articles that have been provided in the Kubik News application, you will get money. Apart from reading you can get hold of gifts just by logging in per day.

End of story.

Hopefully what I have shared with you all of the information can be useful and able to earn a side income with the applications that I told you above. I’ll see you in the next info.

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